guides  Street Neighbourhoods & local Communities towards identifing missing frameworks & accelerating their conscious shifts towards being decentralized
Localities that are robust against tyranny & natural disasters.

Utopia Project* integrates its unique ROLL THE DICE* frameworks with the SAFETY FIRST philosophy of decentralised localised living  plus utilises daftpunks who are UP* representatives capable of working alongside Street Neighbourhoods & Communities to identify needs of & accelerate the growth of the UP* ROLL THE DICE* decentralized autonomous local frameworks.


Street Neighbourhoods & local Communities decide, organise, equip & maintain decentralised recycling solutions tailored to their own Neighbourhoods & unique local needs & specifications. This includes all forms of waste management that we now have the technology to move to  fully decentralised systems. 

Organic food production

Street Neighbourhoods & local Communities decide, organise, equip & maintain their local areas according to their unique choices, needs & styles of Organic food production intergrating other frameworks like Recycling & H2O water collection

Love at the Community core

At the core of each & every Community there needs to be love. This is best defined in terms of having no excuse for abuse & ultimately having love as the only weapon! This raises the vibration of the whole local Community to a level where people quickly work through their feelings towards an intelligent response of love. Sometimes tough love is necessary when abuse, naievity or immaturity is involved. At the core of each & every Community there needs to be love & equality before pure love Creator God*

Lasting generational sustainability

Key aim is to provide all of the ROLL THE DICE* framework in a long-lasting sustainable manner that creates effective solutions & sustains such solutions for  the Community & Street Neighbourhoods needs from generation to generation.


Street Neighbourhoods & local Community decide on & utilise a variety of transport solutions, to provide for  their unique Street Neighbourhood & local Community transportation needs & choices.

H2O water collection

Street Neighbourhoods & local Community of Neighbourhoods decide on & utilise a variety of water collection methods to satisfy their unique Community water needs & distribute it to wherever necessary plus maintain & improve their H2O water collection systems.


Local Communities will shun the idol & hero-worship of a few far away & embrace a new focus on uplifting their own locals & putting the spotlight on local personalities & pursuits. The camera will follow local trades, tradies & artisans etc so all in the Community will know who the real stand-outs are within their own local Community. This will naturally bring Communities together & keep them accountable too.

Decision making

Each Street Neighbourhood is responsible for decision making wihin their own Street Neighbourhood in regards to all the ROLL THE DICE* frameworks. Decisions effecting beyond Street Neighbourhoods are made by suitable blockchain style majority vote to whatever population level necessary.

Ideas generation

Each Street Neighbourhood & local Community network will encourage local tailored solutions to their collective local issues & problems that specifically meet their unique Street Neighbourhood & local Community requirements & wishes.

Community support

Every good idea naturally spreads so every Street Neighbourhood & Locality will be able to utilise any advancements from elsewhere to provide support for the vunerable within their own Street & local Communities.

Energy generation

Each Street Neighbourhood & locality aims to be self-sufficient with their own energy needs utilising a variety of technologies to produce a variety of energy types.

* leave room for Pure Love Creator God

Tyrannany & abuse has historically hated any form of caring belief in a loving God therefore there always should be room for a pure love Creator God in every advanced decentralized & fiercely peace-loving  Utopia!